Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make the panoramas?
I shoot 7-10 photographs using a Canon® Elf digital camera. I hand stitch the photos together in Photoshop® carefully layering them and cropping out areas so that the panoramas are seamless. Stitching the panoramas by hand lets me control the image and get better results then using software. It's like piecing together a big puzzle.

What material are the panoramas printed on?
The panoramas are printed on canvas and stretched onto a wooden stretcher. They look 3D and almost look like a painting with the slight texture of the canvas. These look 1000 times better printed then these small jpgs on this website!

What sizes are the panoramas?
The sizes are 60" wide X 8"-12" high. Most of the panoramas can be printed much larger up to around 120" depending on the photograph.

Do you have other panoramas available?
Right now all the Nantucket panoramas that are available are on this website. I am shooting more this summer. The top 5 panoramas are available for viewing at my studio.

Will you take custom shots of my home or view of my property?
Yes, I will do custom shoots anywhere you would like on Nantucket Island. I will shoot the view off your deck or special place on the island. Please contact me and I would be happy to meet with you to check out a location.

How much are the panoramas?
Call or email for pricing and available sizes.

Where can I see your work?
Call or email to come to my studio and make an appointment. 508.325.4373

They also can be seen at the Artist's Association of Nantucket, 19 Washington St., Nantucket, MA.