About the Artist

Malcolm brooks is an designer/multi-media artist and has been living year round on Nantucket for the past 20 years. He first started taking panoramas in the late 80s while on vacation and snowboarding in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In 1999 he purchased his first digital camera and continued shooting panoramas. He says "the digital camera really changed the process and made making the panoramas so much easier". For the past 10 years he has been shooting panoramas around the island and while traveling on vacation.

In addition to shooting panoramas Malcolm owns a web design/advertising company on nantucket doing web, print, graphics, logos and advertising. ( malcolmdesigns.com ) He graduated from Syracuse University in studio art, focusing on designing and building functional sculpture, skateboard decks, snowboards, surfboards and furniture. Most of his pieces were laminated and made of wood.

Malcolm was recently accepted into the Artists Association of Nantucket and will be showing his panoramas there in Summer 2009. He will also have some pieces on display and for sale in some Nantucket restaurants.

Please email or call to make an appointment if you are interested in seeing his panoramas at his studio.